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Seeking a fulltime position as a historian



Writing, editing, oral history, web publishing, historical research, public speaking, leadership, bookkeeping, budgeting, critical thinking, teamwork, customer service, self-starter, teaching, MS Office, WordPress, network




Historian, HistoryMint, Moscow, Idaho (2013 to present):


Content creation


Map- Latah County Historic Sites Touring Map (completed September 28, 2018)

·         I managed, edited, published, and authored much of the content for this map designed to show the public historic sites of interest throughout Latah County. An official Latah County Map, the map is a 25-year reprise of the 1993 version, updated and larger. The backside of the folding map contains vignettes for each historic site located on the map with a numerical marker.


Book, history- Schultheis Family Odyssey: From Bavaria to the Pacific Northwest (completed April 10, 2017)

·         Frightened families watched as the sheriff’s posse on horseback surrounded their wagons in Green Horn Gulch. One wagon over, Frank looked at Michael and subtly shook his head “no.” Michael nodded in silent compliance and released his hand from his rifle under the wagon seat. This book is for those German Americans who are interested in what their ancestors went through to become Americans while maintaining their unique German culture. This contextual history retraces the steps of a family from Bavaria to Washington State. See:


State historical marker- American Mutual Company, Oklahoma City (completed May 12, 2016)

·         A client sought my assistance to write a nomination for an Oklahoma Historical Society marker for the American Mutual Company. Given the relative recentness of the American Mutual Company, it was critical that I establish that the American Mutual Company did something historically significant on the state level. After further research, we discovered that the Homsey Brothers who owned the American Mutual Company did win an Oklahoma State Supreme Court decision in 1961 that changed the nature of retail sales in the state of Oklahoma. This made the brothers historically significant at the state level. I wrote the historical narrative for the successful nomination. See:


Folklore documentation- Idaho Commission on the Arts (completed February 18, 2016)

·         One of the more difficult elements to capture in history is the essence of a particular culture. Often, historians fail to capture the flavor of a culture and leave future generations with a truncated image of the past. Initially, I sought out a local ranch to see what folklife I could find there. However, they recommended that I speak with two other groups, the Deary Funeral Dinner Ladies and the Avon Busy Bees. I made contact with both groups and was able to conduct oral interviews. The interviews went well and we were able to capture the folklife essence of both groups.


Documentary- Lieutenant John Zebroski, 3583 QM Truck Company (completed October 8, 2014)

·         I created a professional two-hour video documentary that followed the steps of a Second World War soldier from the day he landed at Omaha Beach on V-E Day. The research included work with United States military records groups RG38 and RG498. See a sample at


Lecture- “Who was Henry Clay Wood?” (completed June 26, 2014)

·         A lecture I gave at the Fort Walla Walla Museum about the life of Henry Clay Wood, a historically relevant figure in the life of the fort and the peoples of the Pacific Northwest. See:


Historic Preservation


National Register Nominations- Latah Preservation Commission (ongoing)

·         The Latah County Board of County Commissioners hired me to manage the National Park Service (NPS) application process for the National Register of Historic Places. I oversee the National Register nomination process from start to finish. The work includes steering the commission in the right direction in terms of solid nominations. While managing multiple historical nominations simultaneously, I ensure Latah County meets the Certified Local Government (CLG) standard in accordance with the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office to receive NPS funding. Additional duties include Section 106 review and maintaining the state historical database for Latah County. See


Secretary of Interior-qualified Historian- (listed June 28, 2017)

·         The Idaho State Historic Preservation Office listed me as a historic preservation consultant on the Idaho Historic Preservation Professional Consultants List in the professional category: History. What this means in layman's terms is that I am professionally qualified to receive Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) grant money from Certified Local Governments (CLG) for National Register of Historic Places nominations. 


Increasing online content


Transitioning to the cloud- Whitman County Historical Society (ongoing)

·         I am transitioning the Whitman County Historical Society Past Perfect archival database from a legacy-standalone computer to a cloud-based Past Perfect database with the software as a service (SaaS). This changeover will allow historical society users to be able to access its collection from any web browser at remote locations. The evolution will also improve the public’s access, centralize management, automate backups, and avoid server maintenance.


Oral history- Whitman County Historical Society (completed December 5, 2015)

·         This project was a collaboration between Washington State University (WSU) and Whitman County Historical Society. I oversaw the publication of the Whitman County Oral History Collection to the internet, provided project management, and edited citations before publication. See:


Grant Writer/Webmaster/Bookkeeper, Gladish Community & Cultural Center, Pullman, Washington (2017 to present):


·         A regionally significant 501(c)(3), the Gladish Community and Cultural Center actively supports and houses the performing arts, recreational, and meeting facilities for the Palouse Region. As the bookkeeper for the center, I am accountable for overseeing day-to-day fiscal management including bill payment, payroll, and budgeting. My role as webmaster focuses me on providing content that will drive traffic to our website and result in increased interest by the community. The Gladish Center is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and one of my duties is managing the Heritage Capital Project (HCP) funds from the Washington State Historical Society (WSHS) and other grants.



·         M.A. in Military History, December 2011, Norwich University, Northfield, Vermont, see:

·         Additional graduate coursework: Pacific Northwest History, Seattle Pacific University, 2007

·         B.S. in Geography (Cartographic Option), December 1993, the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point



2012 Merit-based pay award, University of Idaho

2010 and 2012 “Exceeds requirements” annual performance review, University of Idaho

1998 Meritorious Service Medal, US Army, for performance as manager

1993 Chancellor’s Leadership Award, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point

1989 Senior Class President, Thorp High School, Thorp, Wisconsin



Museum Docent, Job Carr Cabin Museum, Tacoma, Washington (2005 to 2007)

Technician, University of Idaho- ITS, Moscow, Idaho (2007 to 2013)

Installation Manager, Sheppard Technologies, Bothell, Washington (2006)

Owner, Razerstream Network Infrastructure, Federal Way, Washington (2002–2005)

Project bidder, Inside Connection & Cabling, Seattle, Washington (1999–2002)

Operations Manager, Advanced Communications Technologies, Tukwila, Washington (1999)

Project Coordinator, Service Communications, Bellevue, Washington (1998)

Manager, United States Army, Republic of Korea and Ft. Lewis, Washington (1994–1998)

Manager, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Federal Map Depository, Stevens Point, Wisconsin (1992–1993)